Kids will learn basic Archery skills and terms through hands on experience!


Youth will learn basic  skills and terms through hands on experience!

Probably a parent’s first concern about the shooting sports is safety. If you are a parent who knows little about firearms, your perception is, understandably, that firearms can be dangerous if not handled properly. However, latest statistics from the National Safety Council indicate that firearms-related accidents are at an all-time low and that shooting sports are rated among the safest of all sports. Strict emphasis on safety education is key to these impressive facts. For anyone, no matter how young or how old, who wants to learn how to shoot, understanding the rules of firearms safety is the first and most important requirement to know and follow these rules goes hand-in-hand with practicing and developing the discipline of good shooting skills.

We start by going through safety, after everyone is comfortable with the parts and safety features we will move into hands on live fire shooting on the range.


4-H shooting sports is all about Youth Development

The challenge of the shooting sports is the test for accuracy, and control, when firing firearms at  targets, some moving and some static, over varying distances this  requires practice to develop skills in concentration, self-control, hand-eye coordination and precision.

Training Points

We will start with Basic safety procedures and then move into basic parts of a bow and arrow.

Objectives of the first class
Participating youth and adults will:
Range commands

In Archery we will instruct the students in safety by going over proper eye dominance, clothing, how to enter and behave on the range.

Once the student has begun working with the equipment they will go through
proper stance and posture
how to nock the arrow
how to set the hook
How to Draw, Anchor and Release

Everything is carried out under trained certified archery instructors.