Hunting & Wildlife

Kids will learn Hunting & Wildlife skills and terms through hands on experience!

The History of Hunting

Understanding the prehistoric history of hunting and its history in North America provides insight into the development of hunting as we know it today. This understanding also provides support for the notion that hunters have always had an appreciation and respect for the animals they hunt, as well as a vested interest in the welfare of wildlife.

In this program we will go over

Introduction to Hunting
1. History of Hunting
2. Why We Hunt
3. Hunting Ethics
4. Hunting Laws and Regulations
5. Hunter and Landowner Relations
6. Wildlife Management and the Hunter
7. Careers in Hunting, Shooting Sports and Wildlife Management

Types of Hunting
1. Hunting with a Rifle
2. Hunting with a Shotgun
3. Hunting with a Handgun
4. Hunting with a Muzzleloading
5. Bowhunting
6. Hunting with a Camera

Outdoor and Hunting Equipment
1. Use of Map and Compass
2. Using a GPS
3. Choosing and Using Binoculars
4. Hunting Clothing
5. Cutting Tools

Getting Ready for the Hunt
1. Planning the Hunt
2. The Hunting Camp
3. Firearm Safety for the Hunter
4. Survival in the Outdoors

Hunting Skills and Techniques
1. Recovering Game
2. Field Care and Processing of Game
3. Hunting from Stands and Blinds
4. Stalking Game Animals
5. Hunting with Dogs

Popular Game Species
1. Hunting Rabbits and Hares
2. Hunting Squirrels
3. Hunting White-tailed Deer
4. Hunting Ring-necked Pheasants
5. Hunting Waterfowl
6. Hunting Wild Turkeys