Living History

Living History is one of the 7 shooting sports projects.
      Doesn’t require shooting but you can involve bows or guns if appropriate.

Think of Living History as a “time machine” to the past
      Living History combines people, clothing, skills/ activities, events from the past.

Persona is your character
A. Be someone similar to your current age — child, grandchild, friend, neighbor of
B. Common person or famous person. Pro’s & cons to each character.

Time period – you can pick a decade (10 years) or a few years or a month or a special

Persona — is your character. The key to believability is being someone similar
to your own age. Younger members can be the child or grandchild or friend or neighbor
of a famous historical person. Or you can be a common person who was equally important
just in a different way. We will help you figure out which persona is a good fit for each of

Accuracy is important. Living History is not about a movie or Disney character or
about stereotypes. It’s a process where you will come to understand your chosen character.
How he or she lived each day. What he ate. What he did every day and what he did on
special occasions. History is about people who made choices, sometimes good
choices and sometimes not so good, and then lived with the consequences.

4-H Living History:
choices by youth
time period of personal interest
learning how to...
correct period clothing
heritage skill development
persona development
becoming/portraying another person in another time and terms through hands on experience!