Muzzle loader

Kids will learn how to load, shoot and clean a muzzle loader and terms through hands on experience!

History of Black Powder and Muzzleloading Arms
The history of muzzleloaders goes back to ancient China and the discovery of black powder. The mixture of sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter was used in fireworks for some time. The first written account of black powder was published in England in 1242 AP Roger Bacon. Within a few years a German monk, Berthold Schwartz, developed black powder for use as an explosive and a propellant for firearms. He is also thought to have developed the first European firearm early in the 14th century. Most 14th century firearms were hand cannons and larger artillery pieces. By 1346 cannons were used on the battlefield, but the longbow was still the basic war weapon.

Participating youth and adults will:
1. Understand the basics of black powder and muzzleloading safety.
2. Demonstrate safe loading procedures.
3. Demonstrate understanding of safe storage for powder and percussion caps.
4. Demonstrate proper handling of muzzleloaders on the range and in the field
5. Demonstrate use of proper eye and ear protection.
6. Have fun while learning.